A New Kindergarten Year:  This Week in Our Room: September 4-6, 2019

During a week of glorious sunshine, we began a new school year with our Kindergarten children.  We’ve really enjoyed meeting our Kinder Cuties, and considering it’s the first time they’ve been to school, they have settled in beautifully to their new classrooms and become familiar with their new teachers and classmates.  Gradual Entry is a gift of time so no one needs to feel rushed. We’re on an exciting, magical journey of learning and laughter, surrounded by the love and support of each other, and taking as much time as we need.

Right now we’re in the middle of Gradual Entry, where our children have been attending Kindergarten for two hours a day this first week of school.  We have about half of the class in the morning and the other half in the afternoon; we’re a mix of genders, language and abilities learning together.  The past three days have been focused on creating a calm and peaceful classroom environment, classroom routines and expectations. We’re already introducing the language of self-regulation with our children, going outside to play and met the many teachers who will become an important part of our school life.

Starting on Monday, the children will be able to meet everyone in their class and we know this will be a very joyful experience as there are lots of preschool friends who want to see each other.

Here’s what you need to know for next week:

Monday, September 9:  Children attend Kindergarten from 8:50 am-12 pm.  Please send a non-spill water bottle (no screw top lids) and a healthy snack.  Kindergarten dismisses promptly at 12 pm so we can commence with the first interview for 12:10 pm.

Tuesday, September 10:  Children attend Kindergarten from 8:50 am-12 pm.  Please send a non-spill water bottle (no screw top lids) and a healthy snack.  Kindergarten dismisses promptly at 12 pm so we can commence with the first interview for 12:10 pm.

Wednesday, September 11:  Children attend Kindergarten from 8:50 am-12 pm.  Please send a non-spill water bottle (no screw top lids) and a healthy snack.  Kindergarten dismisses promptly at 12 pm so we can attend the Kindergarten Teachers’ Professional Afternoon which starts at 12:15 pm.

Thursday, September 12:  Here we go!  Our first full day…Children attend Kindergarten from 8:50 am-2:55 pm.  Please send a non-spill water bottle (no screw top lids), lunch and two healthy snacks.  It’s going to be a long day for our Littles so let’s try to remember they are just in Kindergarten.

Friday, September 13:  Children attend Kindergarten from 8:50 am-2 pm to “Meet My Teacher.”  You will be able to come into the classroom and your children can show you around  The children probably need just their water, lunch and one morning snack as they can attend the ice-Cream Social immediately following your classroom visit.   Please note:  you can “Meet My Principal,” Mr. Warren Zerbe, in the gym at 1:45 pm.

Notes to You:

We have incorporated many forms of parent communication into our Kindergarten program so that you are always in “the know.”  

-please sign up for Remind if you have not already done so – we will send you text messages with updates, reminders and the link to our website, theselfregulatedteacher.com where the weekly newsletter will be posted sometime over the weekend (occasionally a Monday depending upon what happened on the weekend)

-our website, theselfregulatedteacher.com, contains our archived newsletters over the past five years, and lots of articles about our current thinking about Kindergarten:  it’s a wealth of information for you and your family. Please take the time to read through some of our blog posts – we’ve tried to make them fun and informative (like a blog should be) and we work hard to stay away from “edu-speak” and jargon so you can just enjoy reading about what your child is learning at school.

-we’re happy to meet with you any time, but it’s best to ask us (send a note or email) for an appointment.  We are unable to have any in-depth conversation with you at drop-off.  Our focus is always on calmly bringing into the classroom, and following the classroom routines at the start of the day.  Please recognise that you ask us for “just a minute,” realistically, it’s going to take much longer and that time takes away from settling the children so let’s meet to talk that’s mutually agreeable.

This week we asked you to:

-sign-up for Remind, the teacher app to receive text messages about our class

-sign-up for a Parent-Teacher Conference on Monday or Tuesday next week

-think about the questions on the Kindergarten Gradual Entry Developmental Questionnaire (yellow sheet) to discuss at our conference

-review your Student Verification Forms to return next week

-post the Kindergarten Homework Calendar (blue sheet) on the fridge and help your child to complete the daily activities (this is optional, but fun)


Where We Say Good-Bye to Kindergarten and to Mrs. Brady…This Week in Our Room: June 24-27, 2019 Our final recap for the last week of school…

We had so much fun at our Kindergarten Fun Day last Monday.  The children were almost giddy with excitement as they blew bubbles, played with sand, measured and poured water at the water table, and created sea creature crafts and pictures.  

Thank you so much to our parents who brought in the delicious watermelon and scooped ice-cream!  It’s been awhile since Christy and I have had to wipe tiny faces from ice-cream on cheeks and noses!  It was all very cute.

We continued our Beach theme with Mr. Seahorse by Eric Carle and a Deep Space Sparkle art project – we each made a seahorse!  The children are amazingly skilled at cutting using a template and we tissued, mod podged and glittered them to completion.

Wednesday afternoon was a presentation from Life Saving Society Water Wise.  There were four main points for your consideration:

Prepare It

-prepare by checking the weather to see if it’s a good time to be going out in a boat, the lake, beach or in an outdoor pool

-prepare by putting on sunscreen and showing your sun safety:  slip on a shirt, slap on a hat and sunglasses and slop on some sunscreen

-prepare by making a trip plan (who, what, when, where)

-prepare by bringing a whistle — 3 whistle blasts means I need help

Wear It

-wear a life jacket -whenever it’s cold, dark, deep and wavy

-wear a life jacket that fits properly and is suitable for the activity you are doing.  It should be in bright colours and have flotation in the front so you can float on your back.

Know It

-know how deep the water is and what is down below– look before you leap

-know that you should swim with a buddy, not an adult who is watching you from their deck chair or poolside, but somebody who can already swim, is older and in the water right beside you, preferably in a lifeguard supervised area

-know that you can call for help, throw a noodle or floatation device, or reach for someone using an oar or paddle (caution:  Kindergarten children are too light to probably do this)

Share It – share what you know with others!

We sent home the Edu-Pac school supplies for Grade One if you ordered them.  If you left school early, your school supplies are being held in the school office which you may pick up in the last week of August.  Please check the school website for our office hours.

Here’s a message for you from our Grade One Teachers:

Please label the following supplies with your child’s name or initials:

-pencil crayons (each one, just not the box)

-felt pens (each one)

-pencil boxes


-pencil sharpeners

Please do not label these supplies:

-notebooks, duotangs, glue, pencils, erasers

On Thursday morning, we gathered one final time as a school community for our beloved Principal, friend and mentor, Mrs. Brady, as she prepares to retire at the end of this school year.  As you remember, we collected $2 from each student to contribute to Mrs. Brady’s gift from the children and staff.  We decided to purchase a Pandora charm bracelet, with a special charm from each grade.

The Kindergarten chose the Fairy Tale Princess charm.  Two children from our classes presented the charm and here’s what they said:

The Kindergarten classes chose this Royal charm to represent our love of fairy tales and all things sparkling and magical.  You are our Queen!

This is the last newsletter for our Kindergarten year.  We want to thank all of our Kindergarten families for their love and support through the year.  We hope you will drop by and visit us from time to time as you pass through the hallways and doors to Grade One!  Have a happy, safe summer!

Starting Over with Self-Regulation: This Week in Our Room: June 10-14, 2019

We spent the week adjusting and regulating ourselves after the excitement of last week’s Sports Day, and changes to our classroom schedule over the last number of weeks.  We are reviewing the structures we’ve had in place since September so that the children are cognizant of the behavioural expectations as we move into the final weeks of Kindergarten.  Now, more than ever, there is a need for self-regulation as these sunny days, late nights and a myriad of evening activities have entered our calendar.  As you can tell, it’s still “business as usual” in the Kindergarten.  We will be working and playing hard right up until the last day of school.

We’ve been over the classroom routines, and focused on what does listening look like?  How do we listen with our whole body?

-eyes on the teacher

-ears are listening to the teacher

-hands and feet are still

-mouths are quiet

Something to consider and talk about at home is direct eye contact.  Who or what we are looking at is what we are thinking about.  So when the teachers ask your child to look at them, we want them to look at us.  Not around the classroom, playing with a shoe or trying to get another child’s attention.  This is especially important during instruction as nobody wants to miss the teacher’s directions for an activity.

We’re going to catch up on some work that was not complete from earlier.  So you’ll notice Math upages for 8, 9 and 10 are coming home.

We have some special art projects we’ll be working on to finish our scrapbooks.  We’ll let you know if the children need to wear play clothes to school because we’re going to be messy.

It was a tiny bit of a flurry this week as wrapped up (literally) our gifts for Father’s Day.  But what fun we had in preparing this very special gift for the Dads, Papas and Poppas in our lives.  We hope you like it.  Please ask your child to tell you a little bit about the process!  

Upcoming Events and Reminders

This coming week is the last week for Home Readers.  We need to count up our books and put them away for the summer.  All books should be returned by Monday, June 24.

Monday, June 17 is the Primary Talent Show.  We have some Kindergarten Performers this year!

Friday, June 21 is the Grade 7 Promotion Ceremony and our children will be presenting flowers to their Buddies and walking them down the aisle.  We always dress up for this occasion.  We expect to be “on” around 11:30 am.  You are welcome to wait for us in the hallway and follow us in so you can see your child at this very special event.  Please watch for the next newsletter on Sunday.

Monday, June 24 is our Kindergarten Fun Day!  We have a “beach” theme (we don’t actually go to the beach), but we will bring out bubbles, our water table, outdoor toys and we’ll be eating ice-cream cones for a fun treat!  If we could please ask one parent from each class to slice up a watermelon for us, then the children could have some fresh fruit as well.  Please let us know if you can help!


Sports Day 2019 and our Weekly Wrap-Up: This Week in Our Room: June 3-7, 2019

It was the age old question we address almost every year on Sports Day…will we have to hold Sports Day indoors because of the weather?

Thankfully, the sun smiled upon us and we were able to enjoy a very fun and pleasant day outside for Sports Day 2019.  And our Kindergarten had a marvelous time!

Our Grade 6 Leaders did a fantastic job looking after our children, ensuring they stayed with the group, helping them where needed for the relays and making sure everybody had fun.

The children participated in a myriad of relays, from dressing up to filling up buckets with water, the “over under” ball game and the perennial crowd favourite, the Tug of War.  We know that because we had a shortened Sports Day not all of the Kindergarten were able to participate in the Tug of War, but we have it on good authority that our Grade 7 Buddies are going to set-up that activity again for us so everyone will get a chance to pull the rope.

After a delicious snack of donuts and watermelon, the Kindergarten returned to their classrooms to eat again, followed by Centres and face painting.  It was very satisfying day.

It was a big week at school because not only was it Sports Day, but it was the last day for our UBC Teacher Candidates.

We would like to say Congratulations to Miss Ellis and Mr. Pang as they have now finished their extended school practicums.  We wish them the very best in all their future endeavours!

Upcoming Events and Reminders

Monday is Library Day.  All books are due to the Library tomorrow for summer inventory so please have a good look around at home for any outstanding books.

Home Readers can be returned tomorrow for exchange.

We will be going outside whenever good weather permits so please ensure your child always has runners at school.

Save the Date:  Friday, June 21 is the Grade 7 Promotion Ceremony.  Kindergarten children will be participating as we walk our Grade 7 Big Buddies down the aisle as the prepare to leave Ridgeview for high school.  We will be sending out further information about this special day.

Save the Date:  Monday, June 24 is a Kindergarten Fun Day.  We will have lots of fun summer Centres outdoors for the two classes!

Simba’s Story:  This Week in Our Room:  May 21-24, 2019

What a marvelous opportunity our children have had this week with the production of “Simba’s Story,” written specifically for Ridgeview’s Primary classes to accompany our Broadway version of “The Lion King Jr.” for our Intermediate Students.

The musical was our main focus this week with two matinee performances.  We are so very proud of our Kindergarten performers who sang and danced as young Simba lion cubs.  Their costumes were so cute. Thank you to our parent helpers for the preparation of the crowns and t-shirts.  And thank you to so many parents who took the time off work to come and see this special event. Your child’s smiles were all for you!

Our UBC Teacher Candidates have now completed Week 8 of their final practicums, and are teaching at 100%.  Christy and I are feeling a bit adrift, as you can imagine, but we are expected to provide the same opportunities we had as student teachers many years ago – to take full responsibility of the classroom instruction and duties while under the watchful eye of School and Faculty Advisors.  It’s part of our responsibilities as professional educators. It is only through this practical classroom work that student teachers really come to understand what is involved in being a teacher – and a Kindergarten teacher, at that. Our teaching positions are a bit trickier because not only do we have to have the same training in classroom management, lesson planning and preparation, lesson delivery, curricular subject areas, formative and summative assessment as other classroom teachers, but we have the added layer of Learning Through Play, and our specialty area of Self-Regulation.  

We have kept the classroom homefires burning with some very fun work in Fairy Tales.This week the children are learning more about Setting, one of the four elements of a story.  Our TC’s chose “Hansel and Gretel” and a very fun journey activity following glass pebbles from their classrooms, through the forest to a discovery of leaves (the woods), a gingerbread house (witch’s house) and water (crossing the river back to home).  The children are gaining an understanding how the setting of a story can affect the story characters’ actions and what happens (plot).

Our bean plants have begun sprouting and the warm weather has contributed to some super fast growth!  

Upcoming Events and Reminders

Monday: Library Book Exchange and Home Reading Book Exchange

Tuesday: PE for both Kindergarten classes – please wear runners as we will be in the gym

Thursday: Welcome to Kindergarten for the incoming Kindergarten children 2019-2020

Friday, June 7:  Sports Day

Division 15 (Mrs. Campbell)  is wearing red

Division 16 (Mrs. Daudlin)  is wearing blue

Kindergarten “Notes to You”:  This Week in Our Room: May 6-10, 2019

Just a few quick notes from last week and info for this upcoming week…

We hope all of the lovely Special Ladies in our Life enjoyed their gorgeous paintings and thoughtful cards.  We were so pleased with the children’s effort and thoughts of you as they prepared their specific gifts.

In Fairy Tales our children explored “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” and explored the sequence of events and retelling the story.

The children started Measurement this week.  They are learning about measuring length with non-standard units and the concept of longer and shorter.  They also discovered the importance of measuring from the same starting point for both objects when making a comparison.

We will be rehearsing “Simba’s Story” in the gym this week in preparation for next week’s Big Show!

We had fun seeing our Big Buddies on Friday to make bean markers for the bean plants we will plant.

The Grade Two students from Mrs. Bird’s class have started a Battery Recycling cycling program.  The box for the battery collection is outside Mrs. Daudlin’s classroom on the shelf to the left of the door.  For Mrs. Campbell’s class it’s in the classroom by the meeting area.

Upcoming Events and Reminders

A reminder from the Ridgeview office: if your child arrives after O Canada, it is likely that we have already taken attendance and your child is marked late.  You must sign-in at the office.

If you take your child out early for an appointment, please go to the office FIRST to sign-up out your child, and then come down to pick him or her up from the classroom.

PE will take place outside for the next two weeks as students are rehearsing for “The Lion King” and “Simba’s Story” in the gym.

Monday and Wednesday are Home Reading Book Exchange days next week.  We’ve been listening to our children read their books in class and making adjustments as necessary.

Please remember to send your children dressed in their dark bottoms for Thursday’s “Simba’s Story” dress rehearsal for the Intermediate students.  We will remind you on Wednesday.

Thursday, May 16:  “Simba’s Story” dress rehearsal – dark bottoms required!

Friday, May 17: Professional Development Day (school is not in session)

Monday, May 20:  Victoria Day holiday (school is not in session)

Wednesday, May 22:  “Simba’s Story” presentation – even Division parents form our audience

Thursday, May 23:  “Simba’s Story” presentation – odd Division parents form our audience


May Blooms and the Kindergarten Does, Too!: This Week in Our Room: April 29-May 3, 2019

This week was very significant as we finished our Alphabet Book with the letter Z.  Imagine that our children have been working diligently on a page a week – they are real experts in where to print their name for written work, printing uppercase and lowercase letters on a line, finger spacing, following directed line drawings and labelling their pictures so the reader understands their meaning.  We’ll need a couple of weeks to complete pages that were missed due to absence; we will certainly try our best to finish everything but that may not be possible.  In this event, your child knows exactly the routine we use at school and can finish up at home.

We’re starting Fairy Tales during Literacy Time.  It’s one of our absolutely favourite integrated learning experiences for the children.  Under our watchful eye, our UBC Teacher Candidates will be teaching many different Fairy Tales, the structure of stories (beginning, middle, end) and the elements of a story (plot, character, setting, theme) with the Kindergarten.  The children will hear different versions of the same story to compare and contrast, complete a variety of written response activities, experience lots of oral storytelling and make some fun crafts so they can retell the stories themselves at school, and then at home.  The first story this week was “The Three Little Pigs.”  The literary focus was on beginning, middle and end; the children made Wolf puppets during Art and Piggie stick puppets with our Big Buddies.  

Our UBC Teacher Candidates (TCs) finished up their teaching of Geometry in Math.  The children learned about the basic two dimensional shapes (circle, square, rectangle and triangle) and their corresponding three dimensional figures.  The unit culminated this week with some fun shape pizzas!

We made our beautiful May self-portraits this week with a cute and colourful ruffle.  We’re so pleased to see how the children have improved in using line, shape and colour in their artwork.

Could Friday have been any busier?  It certainly stretched mine and Christy’s self-regulation but as always, the children go with the flow and were very flexible throughout the day as we needed to be.  

The day had no sooner begun with Centres then we were called outside for our class photos, and very cute and charming we were.

After recess on Friday is always busy with our Big Buddies, but the Grade Sevens got called to their classes photos in the middle of our Buddy Time!

Just when we thought we would settle in for a relaxing Friday afternoon, we were called to the playground one more time for the Ridgeview panorama photo.  We won’t try to explain what it’s like to organise approximately 390 students for a photo (with the Grade 7s at the top of the climbing net) but let’s just say…we can do it once a year.

The second part of the afternoon was great fun with a Forest Friday lesson.  Our TCs are observed weekly by their UBC Faculty Advisor (FA) and they proposed to show her a team teaching lesson where all the Kindergarten children were divided into three groups.  Each group completed a trio of forest activities – bark rubbings, nature colour matching and a drawing of a natural object.  The lesson was a huge success, the children were so happy to be moving and learning outdoors and it was all capped off with a Freezie (we took the gigantic Freezies from the Freezie sale and cut them in half and we will eat the other half this coming Friday–if nothing else, Christy and I are very thrifty).

The staging for the The Lion King” and “Simba’s Story” comes to the gym this week so PE classes will be moved outside for the time being.  We will be rehearsing in the gym during our Music classes, and for any additional rehearsals where are presence is requested.

We’ve had a re-think about our costumes for “Simba’s Story” and rather than our “best,” we’re thinking about dark bottoms and coloured t-shirts.  We’re going to leave it to you to locate the dark bottoms (no jeans, but navy or black) and girls may wear leggings instead of pants.

We are considering a lion cub headdress but we will get back to you on this later in the week.   Please check your Remind texts.  For the moment, you do not have to purchase anything.

Upcoming Events and Reminders

You have another week or so to get your Grade One School Supply order completed.

We’re still accepting April Homework Calendars for a sticker!

May Scholastic Orders are due this week on Friday, May 10.

Library Books should be returned tomorrow for our weekly Library Book Exchange.