Assemblies – Expected Behaviour

Ridgeview has many assemblies during the school year. Sometimes they are to celebrate an occasion such as Hallowe’en, other times they might commemorate a special day as in our Remembrance Day Assembly.

Each assembly has a different purpose; however, students are expected to walk into the gym quietly, sit patiently while waiting for the speakers and applaud appropriately. At no time will shouting, hooting or yelling be tolerated. These are not games. Rather, it’s an opportunity for our student school community to come together as one.

You can help prepare our Kindergarten children by discussing with them the expected behaviour at Ridgeview School assemblies. These are self-regulatory behaviours that we have practiced repeatedly during the first few weeks of school, and continue to teach and reinforce throughout the school year:

  1. Walk quietly in line with their teacher, facing forward to pay attention to where the teacher is walking
  2. Stay together as a line, so there are no gaps
  3. Mouths are closed and hands are at our side
  4. In the gym, sit quietly on the Kindergarten bench, hands to self, feet are still and on the floor

Occasionally, parents are invited to the school assemblies. We welcome your attendance and interest in our school activities!

You can support us by not waving, calling or trying to get the attention of your children. We have instructed the children not to wave, call out or respond to others while walking to, or during, assemblies. Developing focus, patience and waiting without complaining, are life-long skills our children will need as teenagers, adults and in their social relationships.

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