Big Buddy Grade Seven Promotion Ceremony

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It occurred to me this weekend that we do not have a child graduating this year.

I’ve been pretty busy until the last two school years with teaching Kindergarten, layered with a busy home life of my own with children going to school, performing in the Fine Arts and playing sports. I was in a non-stop graduation mindset for 24 months.  My daughter graduated from high school in 2016, then Christy and I had the double whammy of her daughter and my son graduating in 2017.  THAT was a very busy year.  There’s a lot of shopping for special occasion clothing, driving kids around for graduation events and watching them fill out University and mandatory (in our minds) Scholarship Applications (yes, it’s a lot of work but there is scholarship money available for students if they are willing to put in the effort).  

I can put it all behind me now until University graduation.  This year no one from my home is graduating.  Christy has a year of reprieve until her youngest graduates next year so for now we’re breathing a big sigh of relief.

But, we do have our Kindergarten children’s participation in the Grade 7 Promotion Ceremony to look forward to on Friday, June 21.  

So you are not rushed this week, here are our expectations for Kindergarten attire for the big event:

Girls– dress or skirt and top, dress shoes or sandals (no flip-flops)

Boys– a button-up shirt with a collar and tie or bowtie if you have these items(please do not go out and buy them), pants or shorts (not athletic wear), dress shoes or cleaned up runners.

At this time, we are still trying to fix the exact time our children will be walking the Grade 7s down the aisle.  We know for sure it will be in the morning, around 11:30 am.  You are welcome to come and watch and shed a few years with us as we realize how quickly this magical year has gone by.   We suggest you arrive for 11:20 am and wait for us in the hallway to pass you. Then follow us in.  As soon as more details are shared with us, we will inform you.


Starting Over with Self-Regulation: This Week in Our Room: June 10-14, 2019

We spent the week adjusting and regulating ourselves after the excitement of last week’s Sports Day, and changes to our classroom schedule over the last number of weeks.  We are reviewing the structures we’ve had in place since September so that the children are cognizant of the behavioural expectations as we move into the final weeks of Kindergarten.  Now, more than ever, there is a need for self-regulation as these sunny days, late nights and a myriad of evening activities have entered our calendar.  As you can tell, it’s still “business as usual” in the Kindergarten.  We will be working and playing hard right up until the last day of school.

We’ve been over the classroom routines, and focused on what does listening look like?  How do we listen with our whole body?

-eyes on the teacher

-ears are listening to the teacher

-hands and feet are still

-mouths are quiet

Something to consider and talk about at home is direct eye contact.  Who or what we are looking at is what we are thinking about.  So when the teachers ask your child to look at them, we want them to look at us.  Not around the classroom, playing with a shoe or trying to get another child’s attention.  This is especially important during instruction as nobody wants to miss the teacher’s directions for an activity.

We’re going to catch up on some work that was not complete from earlier.  So you’ll notice Math upages for 8, 9 and 10 are coming home.

We have some special art projects we’ll be working on to finish our scrapbooks.  We’ll let you know if the children need to wear play clothes to school because we’re going to be messy.

It was a tiny bit of a flurry this week as wrapped up (literally) our gifts for Father’s Day.  But what fun we had in preparing this very special gift for the Dads, Papas and Poppas in our lives.  We hope you like it.  Please ask your child to tell you a little bit about the process!  

Upcoming Events and Reminders

This coming week is the last week for Home Readers.  We need to count up our books and put them away for the summer.  All books should be returned by Monday, June 24.

Monday, June 17 is the Primary Talent Show.  We have some Kindergarten Performers this year!

Friday, June 21 is the Grade 7 Promotion Ceremony and our children will be presenting flowers to their Buddies and walking them down the aisle.  We always dress up for this occasion.  We expect to be “on” around 11:30 am.  You are welcome to wait for us in the hallway and follow us in so you can see your child at this very special event.  Please watch for the next newsletter on Sunday.

Monday, June 24 is our Kindergarten Fun Day!  We have a “beach” theme (we don’t actually go to the beach), but we will bring out bubbles, our water table, outdoor toys and we’ll be eating ice-cream cones for a fun treat!  If we could please ask one parent from each class to slice up a watermelon for us, then the children could have some fresh fruit as well.  Please let us know if you can help!


Sports Day 2019 and our Weekly Wrap-Up: This Week in Our Room: June 3-7, 2019

It was the age old question we address almost every year on Sports Day…will we have to hold Sports Day indoors because of the weather?

Thankfully, the sun smiled upon us and we were able to enjoy a very fun and pleasant day outside for Sports Day 2019.  And our Kindergarten had a marvelous time!

Our Grade 6 Leaders did a fantastic job looking after our children, ensuring they stayed with the group, helping them where needed for the relays and making sure everybody had fun.

The children participated in a myriad of relays, from dressing up to filling up buckets with water, the “over under” ball game and the perennial crowd favourite, the Tug of War.  We know that because we had a shortened Sports Day not all of the Kindergarten were able to participate in the Tug of War, but we have it on good authority that our Grade 7 Buddies are going to set-up that activity again for us so everyone will get a chance to pull the rope.

After a delicious snack of donuts and watermelon, the Kindergarten returned to their classrooms to eat again, followed by Centres and face painting.  It was very satisfying day.

It was a big week at school because not only was it Sports Day, but it was the last day for our UBC Teacher Candidates.

We would like to say Congratulations to Miss Ellis and Mr. Pang as they have now finished their extended school practicums.  We wish them the very best in all their future endeavours!

Upcoming Events and Reminders

Monday is Library Day.  All books are due to the Library tomorrow for summer inventory so please have a good look around at home for any outstanding books.

Home Readers can be returned tomorrow for exchange.

We will be going outside whenever good weather permits so please ensure your child always has runners at school.

Save the Date:  Friday, June 21 is the Grade 7 Promotion Ceremony.  Kindergarten children will be participating as we walk our Grade 7 Big Buddies down the aisle as the prepare to leave Ridgeview for high school.  We will be sending out further information about this special day.

Save the Date:  Monday, June 24 is a Kindergarten Fun Day.  We will have lots of fun summer Centres outdoors for the two classes!