Kindergarten Nuts and Bolts

Ridgeview Callback Program

Ridgeview has a Callback program run by parent volunteers. If your child is going to be late to school due to appointments, sick, or traveling with your family, please call the school at 604-981-1250 or leave a message for Callback Line with your child’s name, Division number and your teacher’s name.

Every morning and every afternoon, your child’s teacher takes the attendance and sends this form to the office. The attendance for each Division is cross-referenced with the names of children who are absent; this is the information obtained from the Callback line. In this way, our school office staff is aware of the whereabouts of any students away from the school.

If you arrive to school late, after 8:55 am when the second bell has rung, you must report to the school office. You will need to sign the Late Book, and take a late slip for your child to give to his or her teacher when entering the classroom.

Additionally, if your child needs to leave early, you must sign your child out at the office. You will need to record the time of leaving, and of returning if you’re coming back to school, in the Late Book.

If your child is sick, you must call each school day to leave a message.

If your family is traveling, please give the date of leaving and the date your child will arrive back at school. This information is to be provided to the school office as well as to the classroom teacher.

Please note that all absences and late arrivals to school are documented and recorded on your child’s Report Card each term.

The Callback program is to ensure your child has arrived safely to school. Please help our parent volunteers and office staff by calling in all late arrivals and absences.

Ridgeview Kindergarten Start Time

At Ridgeview Elementary School, instruction officially begins at 8:55 am.

The first bell rings at 8:50 am. This bell welcomes all students into the main building.

Students in Grades 1-7 are given 5 minutes to unpack their backpacks, gather their homework and planners, and head into their classrooms. They are quite independent, connecting with their friends. Once in the classroom, they are expected to quickly settle down at their desks in anticipation of the second bell, the singing of “O Canada” and the morning announcements.

The Kindergarten children begin school at 8:50 am. The youngest students do not need as much time to organize their belongings as they are usually assisted by a parent. We still expect Kindergarten children to bring in their own library books to place in the book bin, and return school forms to the teacher. But when Kindergarten students come into the classroom, they require full supervision so a teacher must be in the classroom with them. Therefore, the Kindergarten children also have five minutes to settle down before the singing of “O Canada.”

We enjoy greeting your child at the start of each and every day!

Please note that beginning September 2016, we dismiss at 2:55 pm each day.

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