Remembering Terry Fox:  This Week in Our Room: September 17-20, 2018

Well, for a four day week it was a pretty busy one in the Kindergarten.  

This week was all about Terry Fox, one of our Canadian heroes.  We’ve been collecting toonies, reading stories, discussing the Canadian flag and reflecting on Terry Fox.  Despite being very young, the children bring wisdom and deep understanding to Terry’s accomplishments. They knew Terry was going to run a long way, this goal would require a lot of perseverance and that it takes just one person to make a difference.  The children brought their enthusiasm, donations and #RidgeviewPride to a great day!

We kicked off Terry Fox week with an Assembly on Monday about why we were having our annual Ridgeview Terry Fox Run.  Although many students are familiar with the name Terry Fox, not all children knew about Terry’s dream to run across Canada to raise awareness and funds for cancer research.  Grade 6 students spoke aloud of Terry’s run and our participation in it. Two of the ideas we took away from the Assembly were:

-Terry Fox has made it acceptable to talk about cancer

-Terry Fox realized that the money raised contributes to cancer research, and that cancer research contributes to hope

Thank you to our Grade Six students, under the direction of Ms. Rice and Mr. Parslow, for arranging this informative session for our school.  Each day this week the Grade Six students have visited our classrooms to tell us a few more facts about Terry and to collect our donations. Thank you to everyone for sending your children in with toonies.  The children are developing pride in participating in social causes. They knew they were part of something bigger as they each placed their money in the collection envelope.

There’s nothing quite like a sea of red and white to get your Canadian-ism on.  For the run, our children warmed-up with Mr. Meldrum and Mr. Paterson leading the way.  We met our Grade 7 Buddies for the first time and enjoyed a brisk walk/run with them around the gravel field, then waited for the rest of the school to return from their neighbourhood run.  We all felt a sense of unity as we worked together towards a common dream, Terry’s Dream.

“I just wish people would realize that anything’s possible if you try; dreams are made possible if you try” – Terry Fox

Upcoming Events and Reminders

We’ve had our first week of Hot Lunch at school.  The lunches have been generally well-received by the children.  We’d appreciate it if you’d check in with your child to ensure they like their food.  It’s very difficult if your child doesn’t like the hot lunch and then has nothing else to eat.  

-please send a ziplock bag to school so we can send home the uneaten food, empty drink boxes and other packaging

-if you order milk in the 250 ml cartons, please ensure your child brings a recyclable cup for the milk, or knows how to drink from the carton (please do not send plastic straws to school

-even if you order hot lunch your child still needs a morning and afternoon snack to give them enough stamina for the full Kindergarten day

Monday is Library Book Exchange.  Please remember to return your library book to take out a new one.  

Friday is Big Buddy Day.  We will see our Buddies to make a Thanksgiving craft (yes, it’s almost Thanksgiving!!)


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