This Week in Our Room:  September 10-14, 2018

We’ve had a wonderful first full week in Kindergarten, which included our first full days at school.  It’s been a very special time as we get to know the children, listen to their stories and experience the joy of playing and creating together.

We started our Alphabet work with “a is an apple on a branch,” from Itchy’s Alphabet.  Each week we are introducing a new alphabet letter name, sound and printing formation. In Kindergarten the children are printing using an oversized Tri-Grip pencil to work on a correct pencil grip.  We were very pleased to note that many of the children are able to print their own names, mostly in uppercase letters. We will gradually shift to the standard practise for names of an uppercase letter followed by lowercase letters over the year, so that will be something to look for in the weeks ahead.  Click here to read more on our thoughts about Phonological Awareness.

In Math, we begin with Free Exploration of math manipulatives.  This time to explore and discover the math materials we will be using to develop a sense of number cannot be underestimated.  The children need the time to play and appreciate all that they can do with pattern blocks, square blocks, beads, multilink blocks and links so when asked to complete specific tasks, they are able to bring their attention to our requests.  Click here to read one of our most highly read posts Math, the Kindergarten Way.

We had a fun time during our first Library visit to meet Mrs. Kennedy, our Teacher-Librarian.  Mrs. Kennedy showed us how we enter and leave the Library, and where we sit for Storytime. Library visits and Book Exchanges will be on Mondays for both classes.

We were very busy this week with not one, but two, Art projects.  The children made Tissue Paper apples, and their first self-portrait for September.  We save all of this gorgeous work and collect it for the children’s scrapbooks which they will take home in June.

We’ve been on the playground for Recess Playtime both as a Kindergarten group and with the full school.  Although there are a lot of children playing, particularly at lunch, our children are respecting the boundaries and expectations for outdoor play.


Upcoming Events and Reminders

Ridgeview’s Terry Fox Run takes place on Thursday, September 20.  The Kindergarten will walk/run laps around the gravel field with their new Grade 7 Big Buddies.  We will do a warm-up on the blacktop and then move down to the field. While the rest of the school runs the school route through our neighbourhood, Kindergarten children will wait on the playground.

Our school tradition is to wear red and white clothing.  We will be giving out the “I’m running for….” stickers for children to wear on the back of their shirts.  Please complete the stickers at home.

We’ve been hoping for more late summer sunshine but we seem destined for rain.  It’s time to send in a change of clothes for the children to keep here at school.  Please place in a small shopping bag, labelled with your child’s name to hang on their hook.  You can also bring in your child’s rainboots to keep in your child’s cubby in the cloakroom.

Music Class with Mrs. Soderling starts on Monday this week.  We have Music on Monday and Wednesday.

Individual student photos will be taken on Tuesday, September 18th.  The Kindergarten students usually have their photos taken right at 9am so please be on time.

It’s a Professional Day on Friday, September 21 so school is not in session for students.

We know September is a busy time with a lot of forms coming home, and requests from the school.  We are still looking to collect Student Verification Forms and Comfort Kits. If you have not yet paid your child’s School Supplies fee, you can do so through schoolcash online. If you are uncertain of how to do so, please see Mrs. Lytle in the office.


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