Sunny Days:  This Week in Our Room:  September 24-28, 2018

We’ve started off Autumn with a week of fabulous weather.  How lucky is that? The Kindergarten are still wearing shorts and enjoying recess time without jackets.  It’s a wonderful time, and we are noticing how much bigger, stronger and faster the children are out on the playground. They are developing a lot of confidence in their physical abilities.

We’ve had a very productive week, beginning with these beautiful blue birds for our alphabet “b” craft.  We sent home the apples for “a”. For the next 25 weeks, you will receive a new alphabet craft! Please keep the letters, and put them up on the wall at home, so you and your Kinder can be practising alphabet names and sounds.  

We’re always looking for activities to develop fine motor control, and these Bean Names pretty much fit the bill. The children were exceeding patient, selecting their beans and holding them in liquid glue to make a pleasant design.  It’s always great fun to see them reading the names once our artwork has gone up on the wall for viewing.

In Math we’ve starting tubbing rotations for Patterns.  The children are working in small groups, and using a variety of math manipulatives for free exploration; and now we are requiring them to make AB patterns using the different materials.  We’re enjoying the “gallery walk” we take around the tables to admire each other’s patterns.

We also started our Social Studies Unit on Family.  In Kindergarten we begin by talking about our personal identity.  This week we read It’s OK to Be Different by Todd Parr.  The children love the bright colours and simple shapes Todd uses in his artwork, and the positive message that each of us is unique and special.  We brainstormed about some of the personal talents each of us have and activities we enjoy doing. Next week we begin talking more about our names.  If your child has a story around his or her name selection (eg., your child was named after someone in your family or a family friend), please share this information with your child so he or she can tell us about it at school.

We saw our favourite Grade 7 Buddies on Friday!  Any guesses about what we made? These Thanksgiving cuties will be sent home next week.  

Upcoming Events and Reminders

Monday is Library Book Exchange.  Please return your Library book so you can borrow a new one!

Thursday, October 4, our Physical Literacy teachers for the school district will be coming to Ridgeview to complete the baseline physical literacy assessments for all Kindergarten children.  Our children should all wear runners to school.

The October Scholastic Order went home today.  If you would like to place an order please do so by Wednesday, October 10th.

If your child has completed their September Homework calendar please bring it back to school for a special sticker from the teacher.  October calendars went home today.

We’d like to remind everyone that dogs (and we are dog lovers ourselves) are NOT PERMITTED on sports fields, school facilities or playgrounds in West Vancouver.  Please do not bring your dog onto the Ridgeview property.  This includes carrying your dog onto the school grounds.  Many children and adults are afraid of dogs, and they should feel safe at school which, according to, are dog free areas.  Thank you for complying with your municipal by-laws.

This year we’ve noticed quite a few children putting their fingers in their mouths and noses.  As you can imagine, with the number of children overall in the Kindergarten that is a lot of opportunity for germs to spread.  We are asking your children everytime we see them do this to wash their hands with soap and water. Another skill would be to teach your children how to use a tissue correctly when they blow their nose.  We’d greatly appreciate your support in these hygiene concerns.

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