Our Return to School:  This Week in Our Room: September 5-7, 2018

A warm Ridgeview welcome to our new Kindergarten children!  We’ve had a super fun time during this week’s Gradual Entry meeting all of our delightful Kinder Cuties and helping them to settle in, meet new friends and explore new classrooms.

We will be continuing with Gradual Entry for September 10-14.  Next week’s schedule is as follows:

Monday, September 10:  8:50 am-12 pm for all Kindergarten students.  Please bring a snack and a non-spill water bottle.  Please be on time to pick-up your child. Intake Conferences for Kindergarten parents begin this afternoon.

Tuesday, September 11:  8:50 am-12 pm for all Kindergarten students.  Please bring a snack and a non-spill water bottle. Please be on time to pick-up your child.  Intake Conferences for Kindergarten parents continue this afternoon.

Wednesday, September 12:  8:50-12 pm for all Kindergarten students.  Please bring a snack and a non-spill water bottle.  Please be on time to pick-up your child. The Kindergarten Teachers are attending a Professional Learning Session for the afternoon.

Thursday, September 13 and Friday, September 14:  8:50 am-2:55 pm for all students.  Please bring two snacks, lunch and a non-spill water bottle. Please indicate to your child that one snack is for the afternoon and label them if you can.


A full day in Kindergarten is a very fun, but very long day.  We’ve been teaching Kindergarten for 12 years, the past 7 in full day K so we know that a certain amount of self-regulation, rigor and resilience are needed to push through each day.  Although your child may have attended daycare for a full day or preschool, your child is now receiving formal schooling in a BC public school. In addition to the Kindergarten classroom rules and routines, there will be the behaviour and academic expectations that we uphold and will be teaching your child.

A good night’s sleep and healthy snacks and lunch, go a long way to helping your child bring his or her best self to school, participate fully in our amazing Kindergarten program and be on the road to becoming a life-long learner.

Reminders and Upcoming Events

We’ve tried to judiciously send home only a few forms at a time for you.  There are many to complete in September so just do your best and let us know if you need any help or support.

Kindergarten Parent Teacher Conferences are being held on Monday and Tuesday next week. Please sign up for your time if you have not already done so.

Student Verification Forms were sent home on Wednesday this past week.  Those should be reviewed, changes made if necessary, and returned to school on Monday, please.

Kindergarten Homework Calendars are optional for completion, but the children love doing their little task each day.  Check/Star/Sticker each activity as its finished, and at the end of the month, return the homework page for a sticker.  (Then we will send home the next one!)

Comfort Kit bags were sent home this week.  As you prepare a bag for your child, we realize it can be upsetting to do so as you anticipate what you and your family might do in the event of an Emergency.  We believe that preparedness is key for any Emergency and you are helping and supporting your child in the best way.

Remind is a teacher app we encourage you to subscribe to in order to receive the texts from your classroom teacher.  These are meant to be helpful reminders to you about what’s upcoming, or quick mentions of fun things we did at school and we send a few photos through the year as well.

theselfregulatedteacher.com is our Kindergarten website.  There is a wealth of information here for you all about our Kindergarten.  Don’t have time to read through the whole website? Then just follow along by reading our weekly newsletter.  We usually post on Friday (sometimes the weekends if it’s really busy) and send you a link through Remind. It provides a great basis of communication for you and your child as you will know everything about school.  You can extend the learning by looking for some great story books, drawing a picture or just have a cosy time by talking some more about the classroom.

“Meet My Teacher” for Grades 1-7 have an early dismissal at 2 pm on Friday, September 14.  Kindergarten is in session until 2:55 pm. Kindergarten Families are encouraged to visit the Ice-Cream Social at the undercover area across from the portables after dismissal.


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