Kindergarten Mask Etiquette 101: This Week in Our Room: October 13-16, 2020

Now that we have settled into the classroom routines, and falling into a rhythm of our Kindergarten day, it’s time to return to talking about the COVID health and safety protocols.

As your Kindergarten teachers, we are very careful in the classroom with handwashing, hand sanitizing, cleaning the tables, individual Kindergarten school supplies per child and resources and Centres on a 3 day rotation to help reduce the spread of germs.  We usually follow most of these practises, COVID or not.

Today, we want to talk about mask hygiene and etiquette for our Kindergarten classes.  For the protection of the children, and the teachers who come into contact with our students who are wearing masks, please go over the following points with your child:

-ensure the mask fits properly, over the chin and nose – the mask must be worn over the nose, not beneath, to be worn correctly

-reusable masks should be washed daily 

-disposal masks are a one-time use and should be replaced daily – please remember to cut the ear straps before disposal as small animals can get trapped in the straps in the landfill

-do not touch the mask – this is becoming a problem in both classrooms; the children cannot touch their mask.  When we see them do this, they are asked to wash their hands again.

-do not pull down the mask to talk to another student, the teacher, or to cough

-if your child is going to wear a mask, our expectation is that the mask would be worn for the day and taken off only to eat at snack and recess; not on and off whenever they choose

-when the mask is removed for eating, it should be placed in your child’s lunchbox, not on the table.  We have addressed this every day with the children.  The masks cannot be left on the tables while eating.

We are working very hard every day to keep our children, the classroom, hallways and school safe.  It’s important to remember that each of us has a responsibility to keeping our Kindergarten community, and each learning cohort (each Division) safe and healthy.  We are really proud of the Kindergarten children and how they have been flexible, resilient and compliant with the myriad of healthy and safety protocols.  Let’s keep working together because we are all in this together.

Upcoming Events and Reminders

These rainy days are hard when the children have to get themselves ready to go outside to play.  We are helping as much as we can while wearing our masks due to close proximity; but there are a few things you can practise at home to help increase your child’s independence.

-practising the snaps of the raincoats – very tricky because the snaps are stiff

-practising how to zip up your coat

-pulling sleeves out when you take off your coat – makes it easier to get ready for the next playtime recess and allows the raincoat to dry properly

-running shoes for classroom use and rainboots for outside – please do not send your child to school in a hybrid “shoe/boot” and not plan for them to change.  Students must change their shoes on a rain day and have some kind of indoor shoe to wear.

The children notice the number of woodchips accumulating on our classroom carpet when other students do not change their shoes – and no one likes sitting on a dirty carpet.

If you have not yet paid your school fees, please do so.  You’ll need to access School Cash online which was linked within the September school ebulletins.

If you have not yet signed off on the 2020-2021 Policy and Procedures Form, go to our Ridgeview website, then to “Parents” and then “Forms.” It’s located there.  This should be done ASAP.

Sharing and Special Helper begins tomorrow!

Friday, October 23, is a Professional Day.  Students are not in session.

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