September Wrap-Up: This Week in Our Room: September 28-October 2, 2020

It was a full week with the Kindergarten here all day, everyday  And we’d have to say the Kindergarten was pretty awesome as they persevered through a week filled with activity.

The week started with a long wait to get our photos taken, but the children were very excited to see the gym where the photos were being taken.  They waited quite calmly and were able to see lots of other classes as they were coming through.  The children were pleased to finally walk up the big staircases to the main floor, our classrooms being downstairs.

We usually complete our Alphabet work a letter per week, but we always take a little more time at the beginning of the year.  The children completed their Itchy’s Alphabet A page and “a is an Apple” craft.  The children will complete a craft for each alphabet letter.  These little crafts will look fantastic in a long line in your child’s room, or the kitchen, where the children can see it and say the alphabet names and sounds.

During Math, we’ve been using a variety of concrete materials to explore. We know the children need time to explore and play with the math manipulatives before starting to use them intentionally for patterning, developing number sense and counting.  The children did a great job of using the pattern blocks, wooden blocks, multi-links, beads and connectors. 

The children have enjoyed their Music teacher, Mrs. Soderling, who is teaching them new songs and dances.

This week was our first Library Class Book Exchange with Mrs. Kennedy, our Teacher-Librarian.  The children will get a new book every two weeks and they must bring back their Library Book to get a new one.  We are very strict about that rule, so we recommend bringing back the book well in advance of the due date.

Our Ice-Cream Social was delicious and enjoyed by all!

We sent home the following note today:

Today your child is bringing home two reusable face masks provided for them by the West Vancouver School District.

Please label your child’s mask as each child has exactly the same one.  Students are encouraged to have a mask with them at school during the day and to wear it if they feel comfortable doing so.

Upcoming Events and Reminders:

Early Dismissal on Wednesday, October 7 and Thursday, October 8 next week.  School will dismiss at 12:50 pm.  Grades 1-7 will have their Parent Teacher Conferences.
Thanksgiving Day on Monday, October 12 is a holiday.  All schools will be closed.

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