Simba’s Story:  This Week in Our Room:  May 21-24, 2019

What a marvelous opportunity our children have had this week with the production of “Simba’s Story,” written specifically for Ridgeview’s Primary classes to accompany our Broadway version of “The Lion King Jr.” for our Intermediate Students.

The musical was our main focus this week with two matinee performances.  We are so very proud of our Kindergarten performers who sang and danced as young Simba lion cubs.  Their costumes were so cute. Thank you to our parent helpers for the preparation of the crowns and t-shirts.  And thank you to so many parents who took the time off work to come and see this special event. Your child’s smiles were all for you!

Our UBC Teacher Candidates have now completed Week 8 of their final practicums, and are teaching at 100%.  Christy and I are feeling a bit adrift, as you can imagine, but we are expected to provide the same opportunities we had as student teachers many years ago – to take full responsibility of the classroom instruction and duties while under the watchful eye of School and Faculty Advisors.  It’s part of our responsibilities as professional educators. It is only through this practical classroom work that student teachers really come to understand what is involved in being a teacher – and a Kindergarten teacher, at that. Our teaching positions are a bit trickier because not only do we have to have the same training in classroom management, lesson planning and preparation, lesson delivery, curricular subject areas, formative and summative assessment as other classroom teachers, but we have the added layer of Learning Through Play, and our specialty area of Self-Regulation.  

We have kept the classroom homefires burning with some very fun work in Fairy Tales.This week the children are learning more about Setting, one of the four elements of a story.  Our TC’s chose “Hansel and Gretel” and a very fun journey activity following glass pebbles from their classrooms, through the forest to a discovery of leaves (the woods), a gingerbread house (witch’s house) and water (crossing the river back to home).  The children are gaining an understanding how the setting of a story can affect the story characters’ actions and what happens (plot).

Our bean plants have begun sprouting and the warm weather has contributed to some super fast growth!  

Upcoming Events and Reminders

Monday: Library Book Exchange and Home Reading Book Exchange

Tuesday: PE for both Kindergarten classes – please wear runners as we will be in the gym

Thursday: Welcome to Kindergarten for the incoming Kindergarten children 2019-2020

Friday, June 7:  Sports Day

Division 15 (Mrs. Campbell)  is wearing red

Division 16 (Mrs. Daudlin)  is wearing blue

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