Kindergarten “Notes to You”:  This Week in Our Room: May 6-10, 2019

Just a few quick notes from last week and info for this upcoming week…

We hope all of the lovely Special Ladies in our Life enjoyed their gorgeous paintings and thoughtful cards.  We were so pleased with the children’s effort and thoughts of you as they prepared their specific gifts.

In Fairy Tales our children explored “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” and explored the sequence of events and retelling the story.

The children started Measurement this week.  They are learning about measuring length with non-standard units and the concept of longer and shorter.  They also discovered the importance of measuring from the same starting point for both objects when making a comparison.

We will be rehearsing “Simba’s Story” in the gym this week in preparation for next week’s Big Show!

We had fun seeing our Big Buddies on Friday to make bean markers for the bean plants we will plant.

The Grade Two students from Mrs. Bird’s class have started a Battery Recycling cycling program.  The box for the battery collection is outside Mrs. Daudlin’s classroom on the shelf to the left of the door.  For Mrs. Campbell’s class it’s in the classroom by the meeting area.

Upcoming Events and Reminders

A reminder from the Ridgeview office: if your child arrives after O Canada, it is likely that we have already taken attendance and your child is marked late.  You must sign-in at the office.

If you take your child out early for an appointment, please go to the office FIRST to sign-up out your child, and then come down to pick him or her up from the classroom.

PE will take place outside for the next two weeks as students are rehearsing for “The Lion King” and “Simba’s Story” in the gym.

Monday and Wednesday are Home Reading Book Exchange days next week.  We’ve been listening to our children read their books in class and making adjustments as necessary.

Please remember to send your children dressed in their dark bottoms for Thursday’s “Simba’s Story” dress rehearsal for the Intermediate students.  We will remind you on Wednesday.

Thursday, May 16:  “Simba’s Story” dress rehearsal – dark bottoms required!

Friday, May 17: Professional Development Day (school is not in session)

Monday, May 20:  Victoria Day holiday (school is not in session)

Wednesday, May 22:  “Simba’s Story” presentation – even Division parents form our audience

Thursday, May 23:  “Simba’s Story” presentation – odd Division parents form our audience


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