Student Led-Conferences: Postscript….This Week in Our Room: April 23-27, 2019

Thank you to everyone for attending our Student-Led Conferences.  It’s always such a special time to see the children’s classrooms and view their work.   You warmed our hearts with all of the deep love and affection you had for your child’s first school efforts.  An extra special thanks so all the parents who sat down in the Meeting Area, cross-legged, to do the actions during the Calendar Time Centre.  We appreciate your kind, thoughtful and appreciative words in our Guest Book so much.  It’s such a privilege to be your child’s first teacher for their first foray into formal schooling.  We’re glad they are having so much fun and we look forward to many more exciting things we will do together in Kindergarten!

Much of this week was spent preparing for our Student-Led Conferences.  We sponge painted our paper plate flowers for our classroom trees.

The recording and response pages from our Numeracy Centres were collated into individual Math books for our children.

We brought the scrapbooks up to date.  This gorgeous keepsake of each Kindergarten child’s work will be yours at the end of the year.  It’s been organised by month and we’ve kept the best of everything for you!

We squeezed in the last letter of our Alphabet Book and we’ll make a sweet little zebra next week to finish your Alphabet wall.

There was some very intense Lego building in the classroom as well to help break up the busy days.

You can see the Kindergarten Visualising Learning bulletin board outside of my classroom.  Here, we have a few photos of the Big and Little Buddies doing their research for their Penguin Movie Magic project.  This Project is an integration of digital learning with the guided inquiry process we use in Kindergarten.  At Student-Led Conferences you saw the final version of weeks of hard work.  We will be posting in more detail about our experience later next month.

We had our first Forest Friday playtime.  It was a very refreshing way to finish off a great week at school.

Upcoming Events and Reminders

You should have received the results of your Kindergarten child’s Vision and Hearing Screening from this past Wednesday.

April Homework calendars can be turned in any time next week.

Tennis continues for a second week.  Please remember to wear your runners for safe play.

Library Book Exchange is different for next week only.  Mrs. Campbell will have Library on Tuesday.  Mrs. Daudlin will have Library on Friday.

Class and School Panorama Photos will be taken on Friday, May 4.

Mayfair is Saturday, May 12, 2018.  This is a very exciting school fair Ridgeview holds every second year, and a “not to be missed event.”  There will be lots of “fair” activities, food and fun.  If you are interested in volunteering please contact Kerra Sugden at The RPAC needs lots of support to make this wonderful event a success.

All students are requested to help contribute tombola prize bags.  We will be sending home the ziploc bags with instructions for your to read.  Pictured below are a few ideas.


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