Communicating Learning: Student-Led Conferences 2018


We’ve written extensively about Student-Led Conferences since we started our website and blog in December 2014.  We’re linking the three posts we’ve written below, with a new introduction to reflect what we’re doing this year for our Conferences.

It’s that time of the year again, The Self-Regulated Teacher’s favourite day of the year, Student-Led Conferences (SLC).  We’re delighted to announce that Student-Led Conferences will be held on Thursday, April 26, 2018 this year.

We’re so very proud of our little children and the way they have shown such tremendous growth since September.  It really is amazing when you think about it.  For Christy and I, sometimes it takes our breath away, we are still in such wonder about how our children develop and change.  Imagine, children starting school at ages four and five, away from their parents all day but doing what they do best:  Play of every kind.  They’re climbing, running and jumping, drawing and colouring, making new friends, building and imaginary play and listening to stories and songs.  And through it all, lots of talking, lots of questions, oral language and vocabulary development, and laughter all day long.  It’s a very precious time, and we don’t want to rush the days away.

For our part, we’ve been diligently putting together the children’s scrapbooks, organising papers into Math booklets, and we just finished the “Z” page in our Alphabet Books.  We don’t send home a lot of schoolwork because we’ve been saving and collecting it to show you now; we need time to show you the changes in a printed name, a cut out shape or a self-portrait.  We have so many special things to show you at our various Centres and it’s exciting to see what our children accomplished over the past eight months in Kindergarten.  

One very special SLC Centre this year will be viewing the children’s Penguin Movie Magic projects.  In order to access your child’s movie, you’ll have to open the FreshGradeforStudentapp on a school iPad at the Science Centre.  Then, enter the access code for your child and press play!  Your access code will be attached to the Student-Led Conference agenda.  We’ll be there to help and you will love what your child and Big Buddy have accomplished.

As we get closer to the Big Day, we hope you’ve signed up for your Student-Led Conference, made alternate arrangements for siblings and are ready to join your child for an adventure in learning!  See you on Thursday!

Click the links below to read more about Student-Led Conferences and our expectations, so you and your child can have a happy and successful one!

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Our Ridgeview Elementary School Principal, Mrs. Brady, has also written about Student-Led Conferences here.

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