Scary or Spooky?  Putting our Self-Regulation to the Test…This Week in Our Room:  October 31-November 3, 2017

We put our self-regulation to the test with an exciting week of costumes, cupcakes and crafts…we’re certainly feeling the aftereffects of a late night and the post-sugar haze of Hallowe’en Week (who really keeps track of all those small chocolate bars left in the bowl?)  

Self-regulation is very much about managing one’s emotions.  The children had a very exciting few days before Hallowe’en, never mind the actual Big Day itself and the anticipation of an evening’s fun with their family.  It would be so easy to let our energy up-regulate from the Green Zone to the Yellow Zone, but we know based on experience we all would not enjoy ourselves in the same way nor is it appropriate for the social situation (the classroom).  Indeed, several times over the past week we discussed with the children how we can all have lots of fun without getting carried away, and the importance of pacing ourselves so we would still have energy for Trick-or-Treating at night.   

We found trying to stay as close to our regular routine as possible really helped everyone to stay calm and relaxed throughout the day; it made the day more predictable which in turn can reduce anxiety of the unknown or unfamiliar as this was the first Hallowe’en for some of our students.  The activities themselves may have been all Hallowe’en themed, but we stayed true to our daily structure, our daily deep breathing practise and our self-regulation tools of the Time Timer and the Breathing Ball.  As we compared notes at lunchtime and afterschool, we noticed that there was a happy buzz in the classrooms, the children were cooperative and pleasant with one another and we felt good about how everyone was doing.  Scary or Spooky?  Neither one.  We’d say Self-Regulation passed with flying colours. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves….

We finished our Painted Pumpkins on Monday.  They are so cute, interesting and unique!  The children were really using their cutting skills as they cut out many facial features for their jack-o-lanterns.  They were particularly interested in arranging the eyebrows to give their jack-o-lantern a specific expression.

We thought the children were remarkable on Hallowe’en Day.  After posing for multiple pictures, we walked through the school hallways and classrooms for our annual Hallowe’en Parade on our way up to the gym for the Hallowe’en Assembly.  At the Assembly, we were treated to the Grade 7 Dance performance of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” Hallowe’en songs from the Grade Two/Three Primary Choir and a reading of The Thirteen Nights of Hallowe’en. Our children joined the rest of the school in a rousing rendition of “Dem Bones.”  We saw a slideshow of the first two months of school by Mr. Parslow, our Vice-Principal, and Hallowe’en safety protocol was reviewed.  The Kindergarten children sat attentively and patiently, and were good audience members.  

In case you missed us at the Hallowe’en Assembly, here are Ridgeview’s Primary (K-3), ELL, Music and Library teaching staff.

Next week is our school’s Remembrance Day Assembly.  This will be a very serious Assembly, and much different than the Hallowe’en Assembly.  Please click here to learn more about our school’s expectation for Assembly behaviour.


Following the Assembly, our classes had their regular snack and recess playtime.  For the remainder of the morning, we had fun Hallowe’en Centres including playdough, Hallowe’en colouring and a Hallowe’en necklace craft.  Thank you so much to our parent volunteers who helped out with our Centres and made spider cupcakes with all of our students.



We still went ahead with our Alphabet work, so we made our “g is a garden craft,” in addition to our regular printing activities.

We’ve completed our October pattern of the month, ABC, with these amazing Hallowe’en shape patterns.   

November’s pattern is AAB.  

We’re almost halfway through the current Sharing and Special Helper rotation.  We’re so pleased with the Alphabet sharing the children are bringing to school.  It’s certain given us plenty to talk about!  We want to give you a heads up for the next Sharing theme which will be “Christmas at My House.”  We know we will be asking some of you to open those Christmas boxes far earlier than usual!  We’re asking the children to bring a Christmas tree ornament, Christmas stocking, Christmas family photo or Christmas story from home.  Please do not purchase anything new.  The idea would be to bring something to school which is part of your traditional family celebrations.  Please see us if you have any questions.

In keeping with our Healthy Eating philosophy at school, we’d like to remind everyone that eating Hallowe’en candy is an unexpected snack to have at school; it’s expected the children would bring their regular healthy food.  However, we have it on good authority from the Great Pumpkin that Hallowe’en candy for another day or two next week would be acceptable.  Please do not send any candy to be eaten in class that may contain nuts or tree nuts.

Upcoming Events and Reminders

We’ll be collecting Hallowe’en candy for our Christmas Cracker project in December.  In a school-wide Buddy project, we make decorated Christmas Crackers stuffed with the leftover candy for several charitable organisations.  For some, these crackers will be the only sweet treat they will receive this year.  Thank you for supporting us in teaching your child about the importance of compassion and giving.

Wednesday, November 8:  Library Book Exchange for both classes

Thursday, November 9:  Remembrance Day Assembly for Ridgeview students

Friday, November 10:  District Professional Day (students are not in session)

Monday, November 13:  Statutory Holiday for Remembrance Day (staff and students are not in session)

Tuesday, November 14:  School re-opens 8:50 am start


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