Happy Valentine’s Day:  This Week in Our Room:  February 7-11, 2022

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our Kindergarten Families!

We’ve had a lovely few weeks of Winter and Lunar New Year themed activities and capped it off this past week with Valentine’s Day festivities.

In Art, we made these lovely February Self-Portraits.

In Social Studies, we talked extensively about what our families do to show they care about us.  We read The I Love You Book by Todd Parr.

We had our Valentine’s Day Party a few days earlier so as not to cram too many events into one day.  Thank you to all the parents who contributed snacks and drinks for our Party.  We watched Franklin’s Valentines which made a nice comparison to the storybook version.

We’ve been talking a lot about friendship and the importance of being kind, respectful and considerate of our friends and families.  The children are learning that good manners, greeting others by using their names and kind words and gestures are necessary to developing positive connections and strong friendships.  We all know how good it feels when our friends speak to us nicely and actions are gentle, predictable and appropriate.  Feeling safe and comfortable is very important for our students so they can focus on learning and having fun with their friends, rather than feeling anxious about what might happen next.

Today the children brought home their Valentine Cardholder.  Thank you, moms and dad, for taking the time to sit down to create and write Valentine’s cards with your children.  The Kindergartens were so proud to bring their “bag of cards” and place them methodically in their classmates cardholders.  We’ve asked them to wait until they get home to open and share the delightful contents with you.

Upcoming Events and Reminders

Mondays:  Library Book Exchange

Tuesday, February 15:  Fire Drill 

Friday, February 18:  Reading Break (school is not in session)

Monday, February 21:  Family Day Holiday (school is not in session)

Wednesday, February 23:  Pink Shirt Day

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