Spring Sunshine: This Week in Our Room: April 12-23, 2021

We’ve been enjoying the most amazing sunshine this past week!  It’s really helped to lift our spirits as we progress through these unusual pandemic times.

As always, the children’s safety is uppermost in our minds.  We’re pleased to note that many of the children continue to wear masks as part of our school culture.  We talk a lot about the importance of masks as a way to protect ourselves and each other, and all of our families and loved ones.  Our hand-washing protocols are second to none – the children are doing a great job of handwashing before eating, and hand sanitizing or handwashing between activities.  As much as we can, the children are working in smaller groups for Centre Time and work activities.

We’ve been working hard on our Alphabet Activities – can you believe we are working on letter X this week?  We’ve read the most wonderful book, Alphabet Mystery by Audrey and Bruce Wood, a whodunit about the letter X.  This was a terrific way to introduce the genre of mystery books to the children.  Last week we read The Wildlife ABC by Jan Thornhill, a beautifully illustrated book of animals.  We try to take advantage of every opportunity to read amazing literature to our children to present them with the best in words and illustrations.

We had some very fun excitement last Friday with our first Forest Friday.  Forest Fridays is a special day for the Kindergarten when we can enter the magical forested space on our playground.  It is a beautiful area for our children to play, with a low running creek, a variety of trees and shrubbery, with large tree roots, rocks and embankments to climb over.  We had our first exploration, and reviewed our expectations for safe behaviour.  The children will be allowed to wear their boots and walk through the creek while under our supervision.  We do not allow the children to go to the Forest during morning recess and lunch playtimes.   Instead, we visit once a week with close supervision from the teachers and educational assistants.  We look forward to more adventures in the weeks ahead!

Last week we sent home a parent letter and information on “Let’s Talk About Touching,” the Kindergarten personal safety program.  This is part of our Physical and Health Education curriculum and we will be teaching weekly lessons on healthy living, kind and helpful touches and scientific names for the private parts of the body.

Please watch a Remind that goes over our expectations for Student-Led Conferences at Home, to be held next week.  Student-Led Conferences are one of favourite days of the school year where typically, the children would welcome you into their classrooms and complete a series of activities and Centres to show you what they’ve been learning about.  It’s a joyous time to celebrate the children’s learning, admire the progress they’ve made over the year and to think about further goals for the remainder of Kindergarten.  This year, due to Covid-19, we’ve had to make some adaptations to our Conferences.  But the children’s enthusiasm and excitement is still the same, and their joy in sharing with you their learning will make you so proud as you notice the pride they have in their school accomplishments.  

Upcoming Events and Reminders

Friday, April 23:  Library Book Exchange

Wednesday, April 28:  Student Led Conferences at Home – early dismissal for Kindergarten at 1:20 pm

Thursday, April 29:  Student Led Conferences at Home – early dismissal for Kindergarten at 1:20 pm

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