Peace is…the Kindergarten Children: This Week in our Room: November 2-6, 2020

This week we began talking about Remembrance Day with our children.  We read several books and discussed some of the iconic symbols such as the poppy and peace doves, and the concepts of peace and freedom.  Our emphasis is what does peace mean to each of us on a personal level and how that makes us feel.

We were truly moved by some of the charming thoughts the children had about peace.  This poem by the Kindergarten children is inspired by The Peace Book by Todd Parr.

Peace is my home.

Peace is playing with my friends.

Peace is making a new friend.

Peace is helping others.

Peace is taking a nap.

Peace is being creative with my mom and dad.

Peace is being with my family.

Peace is watching nature.

Peace is growing a garden.

Peace is planting flowers.

Peace is snuggling with my dad.

Peace is speaking kindly.

Peace is playing kindly with my friends.

Peace is helping others.

Peace is spending time with my family.

Peace is sharing a meal.

Peace is a clean ocean for the dolphins.

Peace is my fish.

Peace is playing soccer with my friends.

Peace is swimming in the pool with my friends.

Peace is having good dreams when I sleep.

What a beautiful world we have, and a bright future ahead of us, with these thoughtful and inspirational ideas about peace from our Kindergarten children!

We are having our virtual Remembrance Day assembly in our own classrooms on Tuesday, November 10 at 11 am.  Mr. Zerbe and Mr. Parslow have prepared a special video for us to watch.  We will give the children their poppies to wear for the class ceremony; we are collecting a small donation for the poppies – $2 would be a fine amount.  Please send this next week if you can.  Thank you.

Upcoming Events and Reminders

Wednesday, November 11:  Remembrance Day – school is not in session

Tuesday, November 17:  Kindergarten Physical Literacy assessments – all students need to wear runners to complete their locomotor assessments.

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