Hello and Welcome Back!  This Week in Our Room:  September 14-18, 2020

A very warm welcome back to school from your Ridgeview Kindergarten Teachers!

Christy and I are delighted to welcome all of our new Kindergarten children and their families to Ridgeview.  We have had an amazing first week of gradual entry for our students and they have been perfectly delightful and adorable all at the same time!

It’s been a long time since we have written our weekly newsletter and blog post.  We last posted just after we went to Remote Learning and decided to stop as we were in daily communication with our Kindergarten families and truly, we missed being able to talk about our children in person, and show their schoolwork.

But now we’re back so it’s time to get started again.  We will try to post weekly, or biweekly, as we adjust to our new normal back at school.  Cleaning protocols, a complete overhaul and re-organisation of school supplies and Centre Time, and thinking of new ways to make Kindergarten fun, thoughtful, intentional and sustainable in a COVID-19 aware learning environment is causing us a bit of a paradigm shift!  But it’s all good and we are so happy to be providing in-person instruction for our littlest learners.  The children are absolutely the best part of our day.

This week our primary focus has been getting to know the children, establishing classroom routines and going over the classroom rules and expectations.  Classroom routines are really important to us:  they give the children a sense of order and predictability so when they enter the classroom they know what to expect and what to do.  The children feel more confident knowing what is the expected behaviour in the classroom, not only for themselves but what is expected of their classmates.  In this way, we can kindly remind each other to be “our best self.”

We’re looking forward to meeting with you this week in our virtual Early Intake Conferences.  

Upcoming Events and Reminders

Remind:  we love to use Remind, the teacher app, so please make sure you have signed up to receive our text messages.  Depending upon your carrier, you may have to download the app, which we really recommend.

Early Intake Conferences:  if you have not emailed your teacher to confirm your time, please do so.

We are in session from 8:40-11:40 am from Monday to Thursday.  

Friday, September 25, is a Professional Day and school is not in session for the children.

Beginning Monday, September 28, Kindergarten will be in session from 8:40 am-2:40 pm.  Our children will require a morning snack, lunch and a non-spill reusable water bottle.

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