Lunar New Year Fun…This Week in Our Room:  January 27-31, 2020

We had a very productive week finishing up a variety of activities.

The children were very pleased with their “p is a pig” craft.  We will send those home next week.

In Math, we continue our work with developing number sense.  The children love using the WorkJob red game boxes with counters and numerals to create sets.  We’ve incorporated this activity into our Centre rotations during Math time. You can read more about WorkJobs and the work we’ve done in Math Their Way, a child-centred, play-based Mathematics program.  Christy and I have both completed the Math Their Way program for teachers’ professional development.

We had our Lunar New Year lunch tasting on Wednesday.  Thank you again to the many parent chefs and volunteers who made this special event possible.  We were delighted with the adventurous eating by the Kindergarten, and the number of children who wanted second helpings!  The children received these shiny red envelopes with strawberry candies at the end of the day from our parent helpers.  

We finished some of our beautiful artwork and crafts this week.  

These Winter landscapes show perspective for “here, near and there.”  We painted and colour mixed the backgrounds, free hand cut the trees and used pastels to draw in the trunks and branches.  Very impressive for Kindergarten!


Here are our colourful dragon masks.

Our pretty Chinese banners with special symbols.

We’ve read a variety of fun and interesting stories to fit with our theme.  We really enjoyed the fairy tales with a twist, and how wonderful it was for us to hear some of the children share with us their knowledge of the traditional fairy tales.

Image from Google

Our favourite story is Lon Po Po by Ed Young.  It is a delightful retelling of Little Red Riding Hood.  For our literary response, the children drew the characters and setting in pastel, and then we will give it a watercolour wash next week.  The paintings will be cut into panels and mounted before we display them for you to see.  

Upcoming Events and Reminders

We will have a small Valentine’s Party on Thursday, February 13.  The children will be making their Valentine card holders in class.  If your child would like to bring Valentine cards for the class, we will have a class list of names available for you this upcoming week.  Please ensure there is a card for each and every child so everyone is included. The teachers will help the children distribute the cards during class time from February 10-13.

Library Day is Tuesday!  Please remember to bring your Library Books.

Special Event:  we will have an in-school presentation from the Vancouver Planetarium for each class this week!  Mrs. Daudlin’s class will attend on Thursday, and Mrs. Campbell’s class will attend on Friday.

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