Family Fun Week:  This Week in Our Room:  April 23-26, 2019

We will start off by saying thank you to all of our parents for coming out to your child’s Student-Led Conference. The feeling in our classrooms was very lovely indeed, filled with the delight, wonder and joy in learning that is Kindergarten.  It’s always such a special day when our children can show their school accomplishments to their beloved parents. This will be the first of many Student-Led Conferences for you and your child and we hope that you will embrace this wonderful time when we can all be learners.

We had several parents ask about the children’s schoolwork…yes, it is all yours to keep and we will be sending home these precious artifacts between now and the end of the year.  The Alphabet Books we will finish this week with “Z” and then we will take another day to catch up on pages and alphabet stickers which were missed due to holidays and illness.

The scrapbooks, our pride and joy after the children, of course, we will not send home until the last week of school.  We will have a tiny flurry at the end of June to gather up all the last of the children’s bits and pieces to staple and glue in.  As you saw, we’ve organised everything for you by month, and we will make a beautiful laminated cover as well so you will receive a beautifully made scrapbook as a memorable souvenir of your child’s Kindergarten year.  Writing and Math notebooks we’ll send home at the end of the school year.

Well, most of our week was spent recovering from the sugary haze of one too many marshmallow chicks and an obligation to eat up the last of the jelly beans.  There’s nothing better for idle hands than getting for Student-Led Conferences, so we got to work colouring in book covers and finishing art projects (children) and completing the scrapbooks at far as we could go (teachers).  

Thank you to Mrs. Kennedy for squeezing us in for a Library Book Exchange on Thursday.

We were able to make our “y” yo-yo craft and practise our printing.

And we started work on a beautiful project for the special ladies in our lives….

This week our UBC Teacher Candidates (student teachers) concluded teaching their Social Studies “Family” unit of instruction with a lesson on financial literacy.  The children have been learning about needs and wants, their parents’ work outside and inside the home and saving for what they want. Now they will shift gears and our student teachers will start teaching about Plants in Science.  Our student teachers will also wind up their Geometry lessons in the next few days and then start Measurement in Math. Christy and I continue to mentor our Teacher Candidates through teaching and guiding them in their lesson preparations so we know they are meeting BC Ministry of Education guidelines, observing their daily lessons, involving them in the assessment of student work, all the while encouraging them in their personal and professional growth.

Friday was a really terrific day.  We were finally able to write another big book on why we love the Earth to celebrate Earth Day!  We also saw our Big Buddies to make robins, and in the afternoon we had a great time splashing through the creek and playing in the forest.


We enjoyed seeing so many of you at the Family Fun Night!  Thank you for coming out to support our PAC. We loved seeing our children in the bouncy castle, watching movies and eating popcorn and grilled cheese sandwiches.  It was a nice way to end a week which was filled with family and community.

Upcoming Events and Reminders:We have a lot coming up for the next month.  Please do not hesitate to ask Christy or myself for clarification.  You can email us or talk to us at school.

The costume for Kindergarten children for “Simba’s Story,” the Primary retelling of “The Lion King” on May 22 and May 23, will be “party best.”  More information will follow but we wanted to give you a heads-up. If you have a crown(s) at home, please ask your child to tell us how many this week.  This will help us to decide if we should wear crowns/borrow crowns from home, make them at school, or do a Dollar Store run.

Monday:  Library Book Exchange for both classes

Tuesday and Thursday – PE for Division 15 (Mrs. Campbell)

Tuesday and Friday – PE for Division 16 (Mrs. Daudlin)


Tuesday, May 7, 1 pm:  Kindergarten Vision, Hearing and Dental Screening

Save the Date!  Wednesday, May 22 1:30 pm:  “Simba’s Story” with ALL Kindergarten students performing; Division 16 parents attend (even division parents invited to attend)

Save the Date!  Thursday, May 23 1:30 pm:  “Simba’s Story” with ALL Kindergarten students performing:  Division 15 parents attend (odd division parents invited to attend)


Friday, June 7:  Sports Day – Theme and Team Names to be Announced Soon

Division 15 is on the Red Team (you need a red t-shirt; red shorts and socks are optional)

Division 16 is on the Blue Team (you need a blue t-shirt; blue shorts and socks are optional)


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