Year 2:  Happy Anniversary to The Self-Regulated Teacher!

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It was a quiet celebration, attended just by Christy and myself, but December 10, 2016, was the second anniversary of our website, The Self-Regulated Teacher.  As of today, we’ve written 147 posts and been viewed 19, 257 times by readers from all over the world.  Although it might not seem like much, we’re pretty proud as our main purpose was simply to provide an extra layer of parent-teacher communication for our classroom parents.  The fact that other educators are reading our work is high praise and we’re delighted that they would also spend a few minutes from their busy day to drop by.

Last year one of our classroom parents was telling us how much their family enjoyed the website, and they loved reading about what their child was doing in class.  They felt so informed about what was happening in the classroom, and could take the information we shared to remind their child about teacher and classroom expectations.  But they also raised a really good question, which was did we regret starting the website?  After all these months were we tired of writing?  She was concerned it was taking a lot of time and we felt pressure to keep writing.

But we’re still very happy with our choice to create and write for a website.  We want to share what we’ve done in our day with our Kinders, our thoughts and reflections about how things are going.  The writing is fun and easy and with Google Docs can be done anywhere (yes, some of the posts have been written on an iPhone).   We take lots of photos of our students’ work and classroom to try to show as much as we can of your child’s learning environment.  Although we still have parent-teacher conferences, and lots of “hallway chats,” it’s wonderful to have a record, in writing and with pictures, of what happened in the magical year we call Kindergarten.

On our second anniversary, we’ve updated our About Us post to reflect where we are now in our teaching.  It’s located on the menu on your right hand side of the home page; you can also read Our Story which is the story of how we became The Self-Regulated Teacher.


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