Happy Turkey Day!



Happy Thanksgiving from The Self-Regulated Teacher.  We’re thankful for our health, love of family and friends, and of course, our wonderful Kindergarten children and their families!

Here’s some Thanksgiving love for you from your children:

I am thankful for…

  • Hugs from Mom and Dad
  • My birthday because my friends bring me presents
  • Food to eat
  • Basketball
  • My garden
  • My home
  • My body being healthy
  • My brothers and sisters
  • My school
  • Friends to play with
  • My parents
  • Fall leaves
  • My mom for taking me on a Disney boat
  • My mom takes me to Grandma and Grandpa’s
  • My mom gives me presents
  • Activities to go to afterschool
  • Airplanes to take us places 
  • The beach

Dear little thoughts from very dear little people….have a wonderful day with your family!

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