This Week in Our Room:  September 12-16, 2016


fullsizerender-18We had a very big week with lots more firsts!

Our biggest accomplishment this week was three full days of Kindergarten.  The children were beginning to tire by the end of Thursday, and the warm temperatures in our classrooms made that more difficult.  But we ensured there were many opportunities for drinks of water, snacks, playtime inside and outdoors and practise for self-regulation strategies.

We had our first Music classes with Mrs. Taylor.  Our long-time Music teacher, Mrs. McKanna, has moved to continue her teaching career in the Maple Ridge School District to be closer to her family.  Many of your older children had Mrs. McKanna as their first school Music teacher and will remember her well.  We will really miss her and send along our best wishes!l

We visited the Library with our Teacher-Librarian, Mrs. Kennedy.  We were so fortunate to be able to take out a book on our first visit.  Mrs. Kennedy sets very clear boundaries regarding what baskets of books and library shelves we can select a book from, so right now our focus is on picture books. Here are Mrs. Kennedy’s top concerns about book care when looking after your Ridgeview library book at home:

  • Keep your library book safe from food or water
  • Remember that younger siblings can be destructive around books
  • Keep your library book away from your pets (Note:  ask Mrs. Campbell what happened to her passport and math textbook the next time you see her)
  • Turn book pages gently

We made our first self-portrait for September.  The children worked hard to draw their pictures according to our criteria of “Big,” “Bright” and “Beautiful.”  Big means to fill your space of paper, Bright is to use 5 colours or more and Beautiful is to do your personal best.  We really think they did!  It was also our first foray with using scissors and gluesticks and there were many determined faces as the children tried to cut stems and leaves independently.


Upcoming Events and Reminders

We still have quite a few outstanding cheques due for school supplies.  Please hand your cheque into the school office if you have not already done so. We do not keep track of the cheques so please enquire at the office if you cannot remember handing yours in.

Thank you to the families who have already submitted their child(ren)’s online Policy and Procedure form.  All Ridgeview families are asked to submit the District’s Policy and Procedure eForm each year and for each child in the family.  Without completion of this form, students may be unable to participate fully in classroom and school activities such as accompanying the class on walking outings in the neighbourhood of the School(i.e Terry Fox Run).

With a change in our beautiful weather expected, we would ask for each child to have a pair of rainboots that he or she can keep at school all year.  This way, if there is ever a sudden rain shower, your child always has boots he or she can wear on the playground.  We like to keep our classroom carpets clean as we sit on them frequently and dry shoes make all the difference.  Please write your children’s names clearly on their boots.

Children should also have an extra change of clothes to keep at school.  This year, we would ask you to place the clothes in a small bag with handles or a drawstring, marked with your child’s name, that can be hung on each child’s hook.  Some parents have already started to bring them in so you can see examples in the cloakroom.  Hanging up the extra clothes at school means your child’s backpack doesn’t seem so full.  Right now, we’re having trouble manoeuvring the lunch bags and water bottles in and out of the backpack so a separate clothing bag is ideal.

Although we’ve talked many times at school and ask frequently, sometimes the children are reluctant to use the washrooms.  Most often, it’s because they don’t want to miss out on what’s happening in the classroom.  We’re trying to encourage them to go to the bathroom during break times, listen to their body for the signs they might need to go and ask them to “check” just in case (not as well-received by the children but we’re going to keep trying).  The most important thing you can remind your children about  is to ask or tell us they are going to the bathroom (so we know where they at all times) preferably before it reaches the state of “emergency.”

We sent home the Scholastic Order Forms today.  If you are interested in purchasing any items please fill out the form, attach a cheque and return it to school by Tuesday, September 27th.

We enjoyed meeting everyone at the Intake Conferences.  If you were unable to make it this week, please speak to your classroom teacher to reschedule.  

Beginning next week, we will be on the regular school schedule.

First entry bell rings at 8:50 am.  Please wait until the bell rings before entering the building.

Second bell rings at 8:55 am.  School has officially begun.  If you are in the hallway and “O Canada” begins, please wait in the hallway or cloakroom until we have finished.

Dismissal bell rings at 2:55 pm.  We’re still adjusting to this part of the day so we apologise if we are a couple of minutes late to dismiss.  

Tuesday, September 20, is our individual student photo day.  Class photos are usually taken in the spring.  We try to have Kindergarten student photos taken first while we are all still looking “fresh.”

Friday, September 23 is a Professional Day.  Students are not in session.

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