Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our classroom mothers!  We hope you enjoyed a lovely day with your children and the special art project your Kindergartener painted in celebration of you!


This Week in Our Room:  May 2-6, 2015

We enjoyed seeing everyone at our Student-Led Conferences on Wednesday.  The Conference is a wonderful way for your children to communicate their learning to you, where you can experience first hand their learning environment, come to know the routines and expectations we have for them and enjoy their fabulous school books and projects.  The children were so excited all day and eagerly anticipating sharing their learning with you.  We noticed lots of happy faces, children and parents alike.  Some of the children said they wished their Conference could go on and on, which indicates to us how much they love coming to school and on the path to becoming a lifelong learner.

We’ve been outside in the forest area and the grassy hill which runs along Mathers Avenue.  We’ve explained to the children they are not to go too close or over the fence.  They are enjoying these shadier areas for playtime instead of being in the direct sun.

We’ve started our Inquiry of Local Plants, and compared living and non-living things, and a plant’s needs.  This week we learned about the parts of a seed and made our own seed.  We also had a Mystery Box Inquiry with a mixture of seeds, and the children asked excellent questions (the 5Ws) before successfully guessing.



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