Think Pink!

IMG_2576We were “in the pink” on Wednesday as we came to school dressed in our pink (and white) shirts in support of “Day of Pink: Celebrate Diversity.”

We spent some time talking about ways we can show Kindness and Caring to others.  Here’s what we’re thinking:




  • Clean up our own messes after we’ve eaten our lunch
  • Listen to the lunch monitors
  • Play with someone who’s all by themselves
  • Be nice to others
  • Be cooperative with my big buddy
  • Use “please” and “thank you”
  • If my friend gets hurt, I’ll help
  • Make good choices
  • Share with the other kids
  • Use words, not actions
  • Be helpful to our teachers
  • Give compliments to others
  • Listen to our teacher

We’re noticing how Ridgeview kids show caring and kindness and adding them to our special tree!


This Week in Our Room:  February 22-26, 2016

IMG_5067We’re really flying through the alphabet now as we finished working on letter S this week. Our children are beginning to develop fine motor strength and this is evident in their increased stamina for printing letters and words.



We also met with our Grade 7 Big Buddies to work on the next page of our Penguin Inquiry project, Penguin Features, on the app “Book Creator.”



Upcoming Events and Reminders

Wednesday, March 2 will be a busy day in the Kindergarten.  We will be having “Stories from the Firehall,” a visit from the West Vancouver Firefighters.

It’s also our school lockdown practice.  We will be speaking to the Kindergarten ahead of time about our expectations for the day.


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