Happy Birthday to Us!

The Self-Regulated Teacher is one year old today!


To our dear readers, thank you so very much for reading and supporting us.

The three formal written reports that teachers write for our students are just one way in which we communicate student learning with their parents.  The report cards are a “snapshot” that describes our students’ learning at a specific time.  Our Meet the Teacher Night (September), Student Led Conferences (to be held in the second term), parent/teacher interviews and this website are other means by which we hope we are able to show what your children are learning in school, and how their learning style is evolving as they move through Kindergarten.  We also hope that our classroom parents feel that they are better informed about the inner workings of our classroom.

We originally started this website to move to a “paperless” weekly newsletter for our classroom parents.  We also knew we had a lot of very important information to relay to parents new to Kindergarten and our school, and we had been considering for several years about how best to make it available.  Our website has allowed us to reach out to share our thinking about learning in Kindergarten, provide some classroom teaching ideas and resources and post our weekly classroom newsletter in an online format.  You can read more about our story, and how we became the The Self-Regulated Teacher here.

We really appreciate the positive feedback from you, our colleagues and classroom parents, over the past twelve months.  We look forward to continuing our journey with you in self-regulation, and all things Kindergarten.

It’s time to eat cake!

Andrea and Christy

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