This Week in Our Room:  June 22-25, 2015

We are moving on to Grade One!

We are moving on to Grade One!

A Good-bye for our Kindergarten Students

It’s the last newsletter of the school year, and it is always with mixed feelings that we write the final one for our current classes.  We’ve had a wonderful year with our Kindergarten children.  They’ve been absolutely fabulous and we have so enjoyed coming to school every day to teach them.  We appreciate, so very much, our classroom parents, and their support and help throughout the year.

This morning as we were having our final Meeting Time, we shed some tears.

When you’re a Kindergarten Teacher, you take care of your students.

You love your students.

You teach your students about self-regulation, making friends and cooperating with others.

You teach your students a love of language and literature.

You foster creativity, curiosity, and an appreciation of logic and how to make sense of the world.

You help to establish a solid foundation upon which to build a lifetime of learning.

And then you let them go.

And you cry because these children have been your little school family for a year.  We’ve loved them like they were our own children.  But you can’t stop them from growing up and moving onto Grade One.

We wish everyone a happy and safe summer, and look forward to seeing you back at Ridgeview in September.

This Week

IMG_1401Beach Bubbles Party

It was gorgeous Monday morning for our classes to enjoy their end of the year, “Beach Bubbles Party.”  We opened both classrooms and the playground between our rooms for all the Kindergarten children to mix and move freely in the three areas.  With the California surfer music of the Beach Boys playing in the background, and the bubble-making machine going full tilt, our water tables, bubble blowing centre, sand and shells table were in steady use.  Some children enjoyed colouring and rubber stamping on a sea theme, while others were involved in imaginary play with sea creature figures.  We ate ice-cream cones with sprinkles in the afternoon.  It was pretty much a perfect day!

Grade 7 Promotion Ceremony

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as our most senior students each received a flower from their Kindergarten Buddy during the Grade 7 Promotion Ceremony on Wednesday.  Our Buddy Classes have met weekly this year to make seasonal crafts, read stories, and work on digital projects together, so we know them well and have a strong relationship with them.  As we watched the Big and Little Buddies walk down the centre aisle hand-in-hand, Ms. Cari Wilson, one of our Grade 7 teachers, called us the Grade 7 graduating class of 2022.  That brought tears to our eyes, as it reminds us how quickly time goes by and how precious these days are when our children are young.

FullSizeRenderA Treasure Trove of Student Work

We don’t send home a lot of student work through the school year.  Instead, we’ve been saving it all up to make the beautiful scrapbooks for our Kindergarten children!  We’ve kept the best of the best all year and organized the children’s work into a monthly format of their artwork, writing and cute little crafts.  Each month starts off with their self-portrait and you can follow your child’s progress through the year and see the noticeable improvement in their printing, drawing and cutting.

From our blog posts, you know we also completed some fun units on the 5 Senses, Fairy Tales and Growing Things (plants).  The children also have their Alphabet Book, Writing and Math notebooks to bring home as well.  We’re so very proud of everything they’ve accomplished this year!


Students who received Creative Children school supply orders for Grade One:  we attached a note about how to label your school supplies for Grade One.  Here is the information again.

Please label for your incoming Grade One child:

Each individual pencil crayon, crayon and felt pen

Whiteboard markers

2 pencil boxes




Please do not label notebooks, duo tangs, erasers, glue, or pencils.

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