Fairy Tale Booklist and Royal Kinder Portraits

photo-5We told you last week that we had something very royal to show you.  But before we do, we wanted to share our growing Fairy Tale Booklist.  We’ve read some of these stories already, with more still to come.  We thought you might want to know some of the titles we’ve read up to this point, in case you wished to discuss them with your child.

Rumpelstiltskin (retold by John Cech and illustrated Martin Hargreaves)

The Princess and the Pea (retold by John Cech, illustrated by Bernhard Oberdieck)

Yummy : Eight Favourite Fairy Tales (Lucy Cousins)

The Balloon Tree (written and illustrated by Phoebe Gilman)

Chicken Little (Sally Hobson)

Once Upon a Golden Apple (written by Jean Little and Maggie De Vries, illustrated by Phoebe Gilman)

The Kissed That Missed (David Melling)

Cinderella Penguin or The Little Glass Flipper (Janet Perlman)

Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp (Random House)

Hansel and Gretel (Random House)

Somebody and the Three Blairs (written by Marilyn Tolhurst, illustrated by Simone Abel)

We’ll leave you here with what you’ve been waiting for…the gorgeous gallery of Fairy Tale Kinder Portraits.

From Deep Space Sparkle...

From Deep Space Sparkle…

Fairy Tale Royal Kinder Portraits

Fairy Tale Royal Kinder Portraits

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