Celebrating the End of Term Two

Today is the end of term and a time to celebrate our learning!IMG_3550

Here are some of the highlights of the second term:

Alphabet Letters:  we learned the names, sounds and correct formation of alphabet letters up to S.  We’ll finish up the rest of our letters in the coming term.




Numbers:  we’re developing number concepts <10, printing the correct formation and counting through a variety of math centres.



Valentine’s Day Party:  we exchanged Valentine cards with our friends and had a sweet party as well!

Chinese New Year Celebrations:  we made Chinese dragons, ate a photo 1-1Chinese banquet and received “lucky money” in red envelopes!

Winter Sports–Ice-skating:  we worked on our ice-skating skills in group lessons with our Kindergarten friends.

Pink Day:  we stood together as a community and focused on kind, friendly and helpful behaviours.




IMG_3497Penguin Digital Literacy Project with our Grade 7 Buddies:  using the app “Book Creator” on the iPad we’ve each made a digital book focusing on five aspects of penguins (habitat, appearance, diet, young, life cycle).


Art:  we’ve created amazing Art this term, from penguin and snowmen crafts, to painted  owls

IMG_3548and finishing up with our Lon Po Po painted panels.


Student-Led Conferences:  an opportunity to share with our parents the learning we’ve done this term, where we took the lead to show them the amazing work we’ve completed in our Alphabet Books, scrapbooks and more.

What an amazing group of Kindergarten children we teach.  They’ve learned so much, and our Student-Led Conferences were a fitting end to a power packed term.

Sunday, March 8, will be the last blog post for the term, and then we’ll be back for Term 3.

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